"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


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Research Proposal Writing Help

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Introduction to Research Proposal Writing Services


A research proposal provides an outline or structure for your entire dissertation. It informs about what research gaps you are trying to solve by setting out a list of aims and objectives relevant to the chosen topic. It is a formal document explaining what you are planning to research, why it is worth the effort, and how you plan to investigate on a deeper level. It also encompasses the research methodology chosen for successfully achieving the goals of the research paper, thereby providing insight to a broader audience on an existing research problem. It is also a way of satisfying your supervisors, committee, or university that the research topic is suitable and manageable.

But how exactly should you structure your proposal? What are the essentials of it? What does your professor expect you to deliver from the proposal? You may face several such challenges while preparing your proposal, which can unnecessarily increase the timeline for its completion. The best solution to avoid such challenges is to hire a third-party academic writing service provider with extensive experience in writing all forms of dissertations. We boast about our experience and immersive academic content writing skills using our pool of globally recognized academic writers. With our resources and tools, and years of experience in the field, you are always prepared to handle any challenges that can come in the way of creating an impactful and impressive proposal within a short period. 

Overview/ Definition

A research proposal often demonstrates a student's ability to research a selected topic and contribute to the existing state of the field. However, merely demonstrating your ability to conduct research is not enough to get it approved. Your proposal must also cover:

  • The tools and procedures used for data collection
  • An explanation of how your thesis would fit the budget and other constraints that come with it.
  • Outline of research methodology
  • Ethical Consideration

If you have gone through our article on literature review, you must be thinking that a proposal sounds very similar. Often, LR is a part of a research proposal. It is a section covering the sources you will be using, how they will be used and why they are suitable. Consider LR as a mini research proposal that fits into the more significant main proposal. 

Length of Research Proposal

Broadly speaking, proposals for graduate or Masters's levels are usually three to four pages long. However, projects for a complex degree such as Ph.D. dissertation and funding requests, are often longer and far more detailed. As it underpins the aims, objectives, an overview of a topic, and expected timeline for the entire dissertation completion, it is difficult to determine the exact word count required to cover all the content. 

Research Proposal Structure

A research proposal follows a straightforward structure and typically incorporates the following sub-headings:

  • Introduction: The introduction outlines the research problem of your chosen topic in one or two sentences and provides context to the research. You should not try to congest this section with too much information, which can turmoil the quality of your writing. Just basic information would be enough.
  • Background Significance: This is where you would explain why you chose your specific topic and how it will contribute to your study field. You may want to complement existing research, strengthen or even challenge it. No matter how your work relates to existing studies, you need to express it in detail here.
  • Literature Review: This section introduces all the sources you will incorporate in your study. This includes peer-reviewed journals, articles, and quantitative and qualitative information.
  • Research Methodology and Schedule: Following the literature review, you will have to map out your research strategy before beginning the actual dissertation. Discuss your research philosophy, design, data collection approaches, sampling size, sources used, and data confidentiality. Lastly, provide an outline of the estimated timeline you expect to complete your research.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of the research proposal?

The purpose of a research proposal is to explain the significance of your project and the research gap you are trying to fill within your study. 

2. What is the essential part of the research proposal?

An executive summary is the most critical section. It provides an overview of an entire proposal at a glance. 

3. What are the different types of research proposals?

There are three types of proposals: Formally solicited, informally solicited, and unsolicited. 

4. Does a proposal need a title?

A title of a proposal is as important as the proposal itself as it gives the first impression of your research field.

5. What if I struggle to prepare my research Proposal?

Contact us for further assistance. 


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