"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


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Research Philosophy Writing Help

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Introduction to Research Philosophy Writing Services


The term 'Research Philosophy' refers to the system or practice of interpreting and presenting gathered information using specific assumptions or beliefs. Although it may sound profound, this is what you will be embarking on research: developing knowledge in a specific field. Knowledge development may not have to be as complex as understanding the theory of human development but can also revolve around addressing a specific problem in a particular organization. During your research journey, you will have to make several assumptions to successfully complete the dissertation. These assumptions may represent the realities encountered while studying human knowledge and how your perspective influences the research process.

Determining the right research philosophy can put a strain on your research capabilities. Because you have to be familiar with different complex philosophies to determine the most suitable one for your paper. That is why we are here to share your challenges and complexities arising during the initial stage of your research. With our unmatched expertise and agility to determine the right research philosophy, your research paper is guaranteed higher grades and ultimately places you at an unfair advantage over other classmates. 



 There are primarily five research philosophies predominantly used based on the research type and data collection process. All five philosophies give distinct style to your writing flow and ensure it relates to the objectives and research questions of your study, developed at the beginning of the study. The five philosophies are reviewed below. 


The approach of Positivist research philosophy is often compared with that of a natural scientist. It is because the role of a natural scientist is to base his findings on observable social entities. A standard research strategy followed in this philosophy is primary data collection and the development of hypotheses. The developed hypotheses are then tested for validity and relativeness with real-life circumstances. Additionally, positivist researches emphasize working on quantifiable data with statistical interpretation. 


Realism is another renowned philosophy associated with scientific inquiry. It is based on the independence of reality from the human mind. The approach takes inspiration from a scientific inquiry that seeks to investigate the reason behind a phenomenon rather than blindly following existing theories or beliefs on a subject. The idea is based on the notion that there exists a reality that is beyond the knowledge of humans. The assumption underpins the collection of data and its interpretation. Realist researchers would often dwell in quantitative and qualitative data to reveal the hidden truths with facts and evidence. 


Interpretivism philosophy argues that it is critical to have a clear understanding of how humans differ in their role as social actors. This entails the need to conduct in-depth research with humans rather than objects such as computers or trucks. The term 'social actor' is critical to note here. We all play certain characters in our daily life. The personality of that character develops based on the perception of the person. In addition, we interpret the social roles of others following our own set of meanings. Some scholars argue that interpretivism is an ideal philosophy for research on business and management, specifically in marketing, human resource, and organizational behavior. 


The focus of this philosophy is to work with the norms of knowledge accepted in its field of study. The study is divided into two aspects: resource researcher and feeling researcher. The resource researcher would work with data based on the ideals of a natural scientist. On the other hand, the feeling researcher emphasizes the emotions and attitudes of workers towards their manager. The epistemological approach often manifests itself in the form of Positivism, realism, and Interpretivism domain as it displays key characteristics of all these philosophies. 


This approach only considers a concept to be relevant if it supports action. It works with the view that there are uncountable ways of interpreting the world and conducting research and that there is no one way that would demonstrate the entire reality of a subject. It also perceives the research question as the most critical determinant of research philosophy and often combines positivist and interpretive positions. 


Research Philosophy FAQs

1. Can I write my research paper without determining its research philosophy?

Universities often have guidelines specifying the need to identify your research philosophy before collecting data. Hence, it is foundational to your research and gives a unique way of representing your finding. 

2. How would I know which is the right Philosophy for my Research?

Well, it would purely depend on your research topic and data collection data being used in the research. However, most dissertation follows either Positivist or interpretive approaches as they suit a variety of research topics. 

3. What are the main research philosophies?

The main philosophies are Positivism, Realism, Pragmatism, and interpretivism. 

4. Are our research method and philosophy the same thing?

No, research philosophy is a part of your research methodology and not the same thing. 

5. What should I do if I am unsure which philosophy to use in my research?

You can contact us for further assistance. 


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