"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


"Get expert help for technical and management writing assignments. Achieve academic success with our professional assistance."


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Quantitative and Qualitative Researches Writing Help

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Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Researches Writing Services


Qualitative and Quantitative researches are two complementary data collection methods, often used together to collect information that is both deep and wide-reaching. To put it in simple words, Quantitative data represents the numerical interpretation of gathered information to test the validity of a developed hypothesis in your dissertation. On the other hand, qualitative research represents a broad and non-numerical interpretation of collected data to understand its full implication. 

To get the best of both methods, you must have a coherent understanding of the two terminologies and how they can be incorporated within your research paper writing.

However, students at the graduate or master's level often struggle to select appropriate research techniques and successfully implement them. It is primarily due to a lack of information, skill, and resources to utilize the processes, and as a result, the output of your final paper is compromised. 

If your find the above statement relatable, you have come across the right platform. We have a pool of experienced and seasoned subject matter subjects with diverse skill sets and overarching proficiency in handling qualitative and quantitative research. Our writers have earned global recognition for their exceptional research capabilities and are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure the highest quality research writing, thereby garnering higher grades. 



Both qualitative and quantitative research can help you see the broader picture. While qualitative data contributes to more excellent exploratory analysis, quantitative data helps measure the value of collected data to determine the validity of the set hypothesis. 

Let's explore how each method can be skilfully incorporated within your research project. 

Developing Hypotheses: Qualitative research is often adopted to initiate secondary research by pondering the problems or opportunities people are thinking about. These opportunities or problems can be treated as hypotheses to be proven through quantitative research.

Testing the Validity of Hypotheses: Quantitative data helps convert raw data into its numerical form and is used to test the validity of designed hypotheses. Researchers use statistical analysis to evaluate whether their assumptions hold relevance in the market. The hard facts obtained through the analysis will enable you to make a more robust decision based on objective observations. 

Finding generally accepted answers: Quantitative research attracts more respondents than qualitative research as it is easier to collect information through surveys than face-to-face interviews. Therefore, it helps understand the perception of a broader audience on questions like Does your organization pays well to its employees? Which department earns the most in your company? What appeals to you the most about your job?

Inducing Human Element: Qualitative research is exceptionally helpful in preparing you for the final stage of your dissertation. The quotes you collect from open-ended interviews add to the human element of the objectives. Qualitative research often helps you hear consumers describe a company from their perspective, disclosing any blind spot. 

How to Equalize the Use of Qualitative and Quantitative Research:

These research methods are not contradictory but rather help add value when infused in the right way. They drive better results together than when used individually. In an increasingly data-driven market, there is a pool of statistics on which your dissertation can rely. But this information is incomplete without collecting data from real people who help make sense of it. So, how exactly do you incorporate the two research frameworks in a single thesis? Concisely, qualitative data is used at the beginning of the research to investigate at a much deeper level when discovering the problem statement and the challenges. Subsequently, quantitative data will give a numerical value to measure each problem or opportunity and understand it. 


Quantitative and Qualitative Researches FAQs

1. Can I use any of the two research methods in my dissertation?

Of course. If time and resources are constraints and if the nature of the research entails the use of any one research framework, you can most definitely go for it. 

2. How can I collect quantitative data for my research paper?

The most common quantitative data collection method is close-ended survey questionnaires where participants are requested to complete the survey. Each completed survey is then documented in the survey sheet and later converted into numerical value to measure the opportunities and challenges of the topic. 

3. How do I collect qualitative Data?

Generally, qualitative data is collected through open-ended interviews, group discussions, face-to-face meetings, and secondary research. Qualitative data holds no numerical value and requires much deeper investigation to investigate the research objectives. 

4. My supervisor says quantitative research is more objective, so it is better to use it. It is true?

It is proper to a significant extent as quantitative research leaves no scope for subjective analysis. At the same time, qualitative data allows the researcher to represent the collected information from his perspective. If objectivity is your main concern, you should go for qualitative research. 

5. I find both the researches challenging. What should I do?

You can contact us for further assistance, and we would be happy to help. 


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